Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why is Ivy Contractors here today?

    Our Repair Assessor will:
    a. Assess the damage to your home.
    b. Report on what has caused the damage to your home.
    c. Discuss and agree on the scope of repairs with you.
    d. Provide the scope of repairs to our Repair Service Team so repairs to your home can commence.

  • 2. What can I do to help?

    Help us help you. No one knows your home better than you do! You may know the source to match materials or what the colour of paint on your damaged wall is, any information you have often helps.

  • 3. What will happen next?

    If your insurance company approves your works our repair service team will call you to:
    a. Book in the tradespeople or suppliers to undertake the repairs to your home during normal business hours.
    b. Assist you with repair materials selection and answer any questions you may have.
    c. Ivy Contractors will repair your home subject to your insurance policy coverage. We can also offer advice and quotes on additional maintenance issues, if required.

  • 4. Will the replacement materials match?

    Ivy Contractors will make all reasonable efforts to match your existing materials and or finishes. In some instances, an exact match may not be possible as the material may no longer be available. Our repair service team will discuss the available options with you.

  • 5. When will the repairs start and how long will they take?

    We will endeavour to start and complete your repairs as soon as possible, however, every home is different and sometimes repairs are delayed whilst matching materials are sourced. Our repair service team will advise you of any anticipated delay or any maintenance that you need to complete prior to works commencing.

  • 6. Will the repairs be done correctly?

    Yes. Ivy Contractors is passionately committed to repairing your home properly, using first quality materials, installed by our experienced tradespeople. If you have any concerns at all call our office immediately on 02 9674 4556.

  • 7. The assessment said I have maintenance issues on my roof! Can you provide me with a quote?

    Yes! An experienced specialist will assess the scope of works required and give you a complete quote. Please call our office on 02 9674 4556 for more information.




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