Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Will I need council approval to replace my roof?

    No, council approval is not needed to replace a roof as long as there are no structural changes to the building and you do not live in a heritage listed area.

  • 2. Will I need to vacate my premises while the roof is being replaced?

    No, there is no need to vacate whilst your roof is being replaced.

  • 3. Are you licensed and insured?

    Yes, Ivy Contractors – The roofing specialists are fully licensed and insured. Certificates of currency may be viewed before any work order is signed and are available on request.

  • 4. How long do tile roofs really last?

    We don’t know. Clay tile roofs date back to Neolithic China, and many ancient structures with clay tile roofs still exist. And, in Europe and Asia, roof tiles have been the primary roofing product for hundreds of years. Both concrete and clay tile roofing systems, when installed properly, withstand weather conditions that begin to deteriorate other roofs the day they are installed. In general, a tile roof – concrete or clay – can reasonably be expected to outlast the building it protects.

  • 5. Do concrete tiles get stronger with age?

    Yes. Unlike other materials, such as metal, which may rust corrode, warp, flake, peel and dent over time, concrete tiles gradually improve in strength over several decades. This is caused by a hydration reaction between the water and cement.

  • 6. When concrete tiles absorb water, can the increased weight cause strain on the roof structure?

    No. Even in the most extreme saturation tests, the added weight of water absorbed by concrete tiles is only a maximum of 10%, and in real-world practice much less at around 5%. Put simply: it’s no big deal.

  • 7. Will moss and lichen eat into the tiles over time?

    No. Although moss can build up on concrete tiles if there is excessive moisture, the integrity of the concrete itself will not be eroded.

  • 8. Do I need a roof maintenance inspection?

    The roof of your building is one of its most important components, so you can’t afford to let it fall into disrepair. A regular inspection will ensure that any roof maintenance can be carried out before it has the potential to cause irreversible damage. A specialist will take a closer look at all the aspects of your roof, before recommending any work that needs to be undertaken.

  • 9. How do I know it is time for a tiled roof repair?

    There are several signs that you need to look out for if you suspect that a tiled roof repair might be necessary. Damp areas or leaks inside your building suggest that there could be a problem with the roof. It’s also not uncommon for tiles to become dislodged or fall off entirely, especially in bad weather. Don’t delay in carrying out roof repairs, as it could lead to further damage in the future.

    Fun Fact:
    Terracotta is crafted from clay grounded from the earth. There’s a richness and depth of colour with terracotta so it will never fade, ensuring the beauty, value and integrity of your home is preserved for decades to come.
    Terracotta has been used for almost six thousand years and recently we found the 8th Wonder of the World, The Terracotta Army in China, which is over 2000 years old and immaculately preserved. The proven heritage and enduring beauty is why the industry chooses to put Terracotta on their own homes.
    If you respect the materials you surround yourself with and are looking to lower your footprint on the earth, you can feel good knowing you’re making the right decision with Terracotta. The thermal properties, breathability, less mould, noise control, colour longevity, durability and low-maintenance properties will add immense value to your home.




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