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16 Jun, 2019

The First Line of Defense

Your roof provides you with an essential defence again wind, rain, hail and heat. Don’t simply let your roof deteriorate. We offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services for both non-urge ...

9 Jun, 2019

A Roof is More than JUST a Roof

Your roof not only forms an integral part to the structure of your home but it is also designed to protect your most valued assets that are housed beneath. From roof installation to restoration and ma ...

2 Jun, 2019

Our Comprehensive Experience

With our 10+ years in the industry, our tradesmen are the best in the business, which you will see reflected in the testimonials from our clients, highlighting our exceptional quality of work and comm ...

26 May, 2019

It's a Big Investment, but We Make it Worth It!

We understand that your roof can be a big investment. Our roofing specialists can assess your metal roof and determine whether roof repairs or roof replacement are the most cost-effective in the long ...

19 May, 2019

Don't Leave it Til' the Last Minute!

Don’t leave it til last minute! If left un-repaired, a damaged or leaking roof will almost ALWAYS lead to damage inside your home. Leave your metal or tile roof repairs to the experts. Get in to ...

5 May, 2019

Beautiful Terra Cotta

Want to give your home a truly beautiful finish? Terracotta is contemporary by design and tiles come in a wide variety of styles (shapes, glazed/unglazed etc). While they can be more expensive, the ma ...

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