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21 Nov, 2018

Before you go Solar...

Thinking about going solar? Reducing your home’s energy consumption through the use of solar panels is a fantastic way to save money. But a multitude of factors should be taken into consideration b ...

21 Nov, 2018

Proud to Serve the Community

Our job goes beyond simply working with roofs.As roof installation and maintenance experts, we are proud to serve the community with our skills and craftsmanship. Regardless of season, we are committe ...

21 Nov, 2018

A Little Light goes a Long Way

Let us put a little light in your life (and home) today! Sure, we may know a thing or two about roofing and roof maintenance. But that’s not all we do! We can also enhance everyday spaces with s ...

21 Nov, 2018

Be Prepared!

You wouldn’t want to be caught on a rainy day unprepared.So why would do the same to your home? Your roof is the first line of defence from the elements, and there are a few surprisingly easy ways ...

3 Oct, 2018

Get your roof inspection before installing solar

Looking to incorporate more eco-conscious elements into your household? Ensure you receive a roof inspection before installing any solar panels, as it is quite costly to repair and remove new panels.L ...

3 Oct, 2018

Avoid further damage with a leaky roof

A damaged or leaking roof will almost always lead to damage inside your home or commercial premises resulting in a much higher repair bill 💥. Don’t wait! Our experienced, licensed roofing profess ...

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